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Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Cursed 3 types of People

Rasulullah Sallallaahu-Alaihi-Wasallam said
“It Is Better for A Man That A Steel Nail Be Driven Through The Centre Of His Head Rather Than If He Touches The Palm Of A Strange Woman.”

Rasulullah Sallallaahu-Alaihi-Wasallam said
“I Only Curse 3 Types Of People:

1. Those People Who Do Not Look After Their Parents When They Are In Old Age

2. Those People Who Do Not Take Full Advantage Of The Blessed Month Of Ramadan

3. Those People Who Do Not Say,
“Sallallaahu-Alaihi-Wasallam’ When My Name Is Mentioned.”

Rasulullah Sallallaahu-Alaihi-Wasallam said
“A Woman Who Reveals Her Body,Wears Tight Fitting Clothes And Flirts With Men Other Than Her Husband Wont Even Have Access To The Fragrance Of Jannah (Heaven).”

Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi-Wasallam said
“An Intelligent Person Is 1 Who Is Constantly Thinking About And Preparing For Death.”

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