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Top 10 Quotes by Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) – Part 2

Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters, here is the part 2 of top 10 quotes by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) which everyone should try to obey in their life.

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1. “Cunning, deceiving and betraying are in the fire”,

2. “Whoever that his eating is little, his body is healthy and whoever that his eating is much his body becomes ill and his heart becomes hard.”

3. “A merchant waits for sustenance and a monopolist waits for curse.”

4. “The most beloved deed to Allah is the keeping (withholding) of one’s tongue.”

5. “It is absurdity in man to make his guest serve him.”

6. “The thing that I most fear of my nation from is every cunning hypocrite.”

7. “He, who comforts a distressed one, shall have like his reward.”

8. “Beware of the believer’s insight because he sees by the light of Allah glory be to Him.”

9. “The praise (of Allah) for a blessing is a safety from its disappearance.”

10. “Let no man be alone with a woman, for Satan shall be the third of them.”

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