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Top 10 Quotes by Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)

Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters, here are top 10 quotes by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) which everyone should try to obey in their life.

1. “Greatly hateful to Allah is the eating without hunger, the sleeping without drowsiness, and the laughing without a wonder(reason).”

2. “Between the servant and disbeliefs is the giving up of Prayers.”

3. “Whoever fears Allah, Allah saves him from everything.”

4. “The carer for a widow or a poor is like a struggler in the way of Allah, or a worshiper worshiping all the night and fasting in the day.”

5. “The believing in the fate removes grief and sorrow.”

6. “Do not increase your grief; what has been predetermined shall take place, and what has been predetermined as your sustenance shall come to you.”

7. “Visit the graves because they remind you of the afterlife.”

8. “Shall I guide you to the best morals of this life and the afterlife? Maintain relationship with one who has cut relations with you, give to one who has deprived you, and pardon one who has wronged you.”

9. “Whoever defends his brother’s honor, Allah will defend his face against the fire.”

10. “Blessed is he who controls his tongue and weeps at his sin.”

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